Day 2 - March 20th

Keynotes. Panels. Tech Talks. Tech Workshops. Career Advancement.

TimeFloor | RoomSpeakerTopic
10:30-11:00am2nd Floor | Keynote Area Nandini RamaniKeynote
11:00-11:30am2nd Floor | Keynote AreaKimberly Snipes, Lily Chang, Surabhi Gupta, and Mary HamiltonPanel
1:00-2:00pm2nd Floor | Room #204Joanna HatterAdvantages and Challenges of Single Sign On
1:00-2:00pm3rd Floor | Room #304Ke ChengReact Native: Native Apps with JavaScript
1:00-1:30pm4th Floor | Room #407 Tasneem Minadakis"Emotional 360" - Art to Interviewing
1:30-2:00pm4th Floor | Room #407 Emily CarrionUse Informal Mentorship to Catapult Your Career
1:00-1:30pm5th Floor | Room #503 Amber TanakaNon-traditional coding opportunities in a traditional organization
1:30-2:00pm5th Floor | Room #503 Laura BellamyDiscover Your Strengths
1:00-2:00pm 5th Floor | Room #504 TailClarissa San DiegoIoT workshop
2:00-3:00pm2nd Floor | Room #204Mary AnthonyWhales, Clouds, and Bubbles? (Docker)
2:00-3:00pm 3rd Floor | Room #304Rabeb OthmaniGive A Girl The Right Tools And She Can Share Code And Build Native Mobile Experiences
2:00-3:00pm4th Floor | Room #407Michele TitoloAPIs: The good, The bad, The ugly
1:00-1:30pm4th Floor | Room #403Tara MacLeanSide fling or main squeeze
2:00-2:30pm5th Floor | Room #503Elizabeth FerraoManaging Your Technical Career
2:30-3:00pm5th Floor | Room #503Tasneem MinadakisMonitoring
2:00-3:00pm5th Floor | Room #504 TailSweety ChauhanSalary Negotiation