CONNECT 2016 focuses on technical and career development sessions, bringing together industry speakers, tech influencers and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to advancing the growth of technical women.  


Nandini Ramani, VP of Engineering at Twitter

Regina Wallace-Jones, Head of Security Operations at Facebook

Alaina Percival, CEO at Women Who Code 

Mike Curtis, VP of Engineering at Airbnb


Liz Rush (Algorithmia) - Challenging & Democratizating Algorithm Development

Olivia Waring (Microsoft) - Abstract voodoo or real-world technological powerhouse? Quantum computing demystified

Yana Bernadskaya (Microsoft) - Bridging a gap between design and engineering

Michele Titolo (Capital One) - APIs: The good, The bad, The ugly

Lauren Cipicchio (Bridgewater) - Stop Trying To Be Clever: Constructing Readable Algorithms

Rabeb Othmani (MixRadio) Give A Girl The Right Tools And She Can Share Code And Build Native Mobile Experiences  

Joanna Hatter (CommerceHub) - Advantages and Challenges of Single Sign On

Tasneem Minadakis (Yelp) Monitoring

Haley Elder (DealerSpike) - Craft & Code :: JavaScript Loops and Understanding Knitting Patterns

Neha Batra (Pivotal Labs) - Pair Programming: 2 > 1 +1

Mary Hamilton (Accenture) - Empowering Workers with Machine Intelligence

Kinnary Jangla (UBER) - Strategic Growth in Tech

Alice Steinglass (; Anna Steffeny (LeaveLogic) - Motherhood and Tech



Katie Hempenius (Fitbit) - Setting Sail With Docker

Ona Anicello (Microsoft) - User Centered Design, Mobile Prototyping & User Research

Nadia Yudina (The Barbarian Group) - Hands-on game development with Scene Kit

Erica Stanley (WWCode) - Prototyping for IoT

Amanda Casari (Concur Technologies) & Deborah Siegel (University of Washington - Center for Mendelian Genomics) - Apache Spark for Everyone

April King (Mozilla Corporation) - Introduction to Let's Encrypt!

Mary Anthony (Docker) - Whales, Clouds, and Bubbles (Docker Workshop)

Wendy Grus (INRIX) - Introduction to Python

Ke Cheng (Capital One) - React Native: Native Apps with JavaScript

Emiko Hori (CommerceHub) - Fun in Gerrit Code Review / Git integration with CI

Clarissa San Diego (Particle) - IoT Workshop



Laura Bellamy (VMWare) - Discover Your Strengths

Janina Kutyn (Silicon Sweetheart) - Passing the Technical Interview

Zoe Madden-Wood (Carbon 5) - Networking? Pshah! Network Weaving

Sweety Chauhan (Microsoft) - Salary Negotiation

Vinu Charanya (Twitter) - That first job switch: Moving from a startup to a big company

Natalya Shelburne (Rooster Teeth) - Waste your time: Catch up and keep up in tech

Kranthi Meka (Visa) - Body Language for Coders

Tasneem Minadakis (Yelp) - “Emotional 360” - Art to Interviewing

Tara Hernandez (Linden Lab) - "Yes I have ovaries" and other great moments towards building an inclusive work environment

Rebekah Bastian (Zillow) - Speak Up! The Importance of Joining the Conversation and Asking for What You Want  

Joey Rosenberg (WWCode) - Becoming a Leader with WWCode

Emily Carrion (Apptentive) - Use Informal Mentorship to Catapult Your Caree

Lori Hill (NBCUniversal) - Returning to a tech career - my journey

Tia Over (The Mathews Group) - Talk engineering to me

Elizabeth Ferrao (WWCode NYC) - Managing Your Technical Career

Fiona Tay (Airbnb) - From College to Airbnb: Thriving In Hypergrowth

Amber Tanaka (Barton Health) Non-traditional coding opportunities in a traditional organization

Maira Benjamin (Pandora)30 Years a Tech Woman

Tara MacLean (Plex) -Side Fling or Main Squeeze



Surabhi Gupta - Engineering Manager at Airbnb

Mary Hamilton - Managing Director, Digital Experiences R&D Lead at Accenture

Lily Chang - VMWare Engineering VP

Carlye Greene - Senior Manager National Partnerships at Capital One

Kim Snipes - VP of Consumer Products & Operations Technology at Capital One

Zassmin Montes de Oca - Chief Maker at WWCode

Alaina Percival - CEO at WWCode

Jennifer Tacheff - VP of Business Development at WWCode

All speaker applications were reviewed using a gender-blind application process. Any information provided by a potential speaker, which could contain gender data (as name, image etc.) was treated as additional information. 

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