Day 1 - March 19th

Keynotes. Panels. Tech Talks. Tech Workshops. Career Advancement.

TimeFloor | RoomSpeakerTopic
10:00-10:30am2nd Floor | Keynote AreaAlaina PercivalKeynote
10:30-11:00am2nd Floor | Keynote Area Regina Wallace-JonesKeynote
11:00-11:30am2nd Floor | Keynote AreaKimberly Snipes, Carlye Greene , and DeVaris Brown Panel
11:30am-1:00pmGround FloorAnna Steffeney and Alice SteinglassMotherhood and Tech
1:00-2:00pm2nd Floor | Room #204Olivia WaringAbstract voodoo or real-world technological powerhouse? Quantum computing demystified.
1:00-2:00pm3rd Floor | Room #304 Emiko HoriFun in Gerrit Code Review / Git integration with CI
1:00-1:30pm4th Floor | Room #403 Fiona TayFrom College to Airbnb: Thriving In Hypergrowth
1:30-2:00pm4th Floor | Room #403 Rebekah BastianSpeak Up! The Importance of Joining the Conversation and Asking for What You Want.
1:00-2:00pm4th Floor | Room #403 Erica StanleyPrototyping for IoT
1:00-1:30pm 5th Floor | Room #503Natalya ShelburneWaste your time: Catch up and keep up in tech
1:30-2:00pm 5th Floor | Room #503Vinu CharanyaThat first job switch: Moving from a startup to a big company
1:00-2:00pm 5th Floor | Room #504 TailJanina KutynPassing the Technical Interview
1:00-2:00pm 5th Floor | Room #504 Head Mary HamiltonEmpowering Workers with Machine Intelligence (Accenture)
2:00-3:00pm 2nd Floor | Room #204 April KingIntroduction to Let's Encrypt!
2:00-3:00pm3rd Floor | Room #304Liz RushChallenging and Democratizating Algorithm Development
2:00-3:00pm4th Floor | Room #403Yana BernadskayaBridging a gap between design and engineering
2:30-3:00pm4th Floor | Room #403Haley ElderCraft and Code :: JavaScript Loops and Understanding Knitting Patterns
2:00-3:00pm4th Floor | Room #407Lauren CipicchioStop Trying To Be Clever: Constructing Readable Algorithms
2:00-2:30pm5th Floor | Room #503Tara Hernandez"Yes I have ovaries" and other great moments towards building an inclusive work environment.
2:30-3:00pm5th Floor | Room #503Zoe Madden-WoodNetworking? Pshah! Network Weaving
2:00-3:00pm5th Floor | Room #504 TailKatie HempeniusSetting Sail With Docker
3:30-5:00pm2nd Floor | Room #204Ona AnicelloUser Centered Design, Mobile Prototyping and User Research
3:30-5:00pm 3rd Floor | Room #304Wendy GrusIntroduction to Python
3:30-5:00pm4th Floor | Room #407Nadia YudinaHands-on game development with Scene Kit
3:30-4:15pm4th Floor | Room #403Lori HillReturning to a tech career - my journey
4:15-5:00pm4th Floor | Room #403Tia OverTalk engineering to me
3:30-4:15pm5th Floor | Room #503Neha BatraPair Programming: 2>1
4:15-5:00pm5th Floor | Room #503Maira Benjamin30 Years a Tech Woman
3:30-5:00pm5th Floor | Room #504 TailAmanda Casari and Deborah SiegeApache Spark for Everyone
3:30-5:00pm5th Floor | Room #504 HeadKinnary JanglaGrowth at Uber (Uber)
5:00-5:30pm2nd Floor | Keynote areaMike Curtis and Zassmin Montes de OcaKeynote - Fireside Chat